Zack Snyder's Army Of The Dead Trailer Just Dropped, And Netflix Has A Winner

Army of the Dead Matthias Schweighöfer and Dave Bautista stand face to face, with glow sticks

When he previously teased the long awaited, and long in development, Army of the Dead, star Dave Bautista said that he loves movies because they help him escape. Well, after seeing our first full look at Zack Snyder’s big return to the world of zombies, this Netflix movie looks like it definitely fits the bill. As a bunch of cash, and his team’s lives, are on the line, it would appear that escape is definitely a key concern for Bautista in this post-apocalyptic zombie heist movie. Damn, that feels good to say, doesn’t it?

It’s even better to actually see what Army of the Dead has to offer, as the entire week has seen anticipation building for the first actual trailer for a movie apparently so crazy that Netflix had to have it. While we only have a limited amount of scenes revealed in this teaser for Netflix's May release, there's still plenty of time to set the tone for what could be a summer blockbuster. Poor hapless denizens of the casinos in Las Vegas are turned into roving hordes of shambling masses, and it's up to Dave Bautista and his team of hard cases to separate them from a ton of money. And they'll do so through the usage of the one thing that always stops a zombie: superior firepower.

You can see why Army of the Dead is such an exciting prospect in the short, but deadly trailer for this latest Snyder creation. A Vegas flooded with the undead not only brings back memories of Resident Evil: Extinction's time in Sin City, but there's lot of fond memories invoked connecting to another Zack Snyder film. With celebrity impersonator zombies running around Las Vegas, and swarms of foes so thick you'd need to explode something to clear a path, there are some serious Dawn of the Dead '04 vibes coming off of this footage. Hope they've got enough ammo for another round of Hollywood Squares.

Over a decade of history has seen Army of the Dead marching down the path to production. In the space between the 2008 pitch and the start of filming, Zack Snyder has undoubtedly been a bit busy. And if his film had initially been made when he first pitched it to Warner Bro.s, it would have only been four years after his career making success with the remake to Dawn of the Dead. But as you can see, it’s never to late to return to that sandbox you love, especially when you get someone as jacked as Dave Bautista to head the ragtag group of fortune seekers in the apocalypse.

Army of the Dead rises on May 21st, and as the poster and trailer say, the survivors will take all. It’s going to be hard to wait for this one, but Netflix did just release a whole list of upcoming titles for the month of March 2021. So while we’ll be patiently anticipating that debut, there will be tons to occupy ourselves with in the meantime.

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