Twilight TikTok Pokes Fun At How Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen And Vampires Ran So Fast

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together during 'hold on spidermonkey' line in Twilight
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This past year proved to be a great time for Twilight fans to dust off their old DVDs and novels from the franchise and reminisce on Stephenie Meyer’s famous vampire love story starring Robert Pattinson. A number of tidbits from the production of Twilight Saga have even gone viral recently. So far, fans remembered why the first movie chose that blue filter, and one uncovered deleted scene had fans cry-laughing over Kristen Stewart’s Bella detailing the time she made rain sticks as a kid out of chinchilla poop (yes, really). And, of course, the behind-the-scenes madness can’t stop and won’t stop!

Ever wonder how the Twilight Saga pulled off the vampires’ super speed? Although the series’ production budget only got bigger as the franchise progressed, the movies should get points for going for the practical effects much of the time. One TikToker found a great bit from the bonus features for one of the films and it’s really something. Check it:


As the video shows, UK-based TikToker Chloe Webber was sent the hilarious answer to the Twilight behind-the-scenes question. And what we learn is the actors were placed on treadmills and pulled along while their bodies were attached by a device wrapped in green paint (so post-production can remove it). It’s hilarious to see play out, and pretty clever from a BTS point of view.

The footage was from a video showcasing the production of 2011’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1. I can’t explain why it's so funny to watch over and over, but I just know I'm never getting over this. It’s the energy we all want to emulate when we're on a treadmill at the gym, but never did I think that pulling one along in the Oregon forest would be how to actually run like a Cullen!

The TikTok has been given almost two million likes and a fruitful comment section, with one of the comments joking that this must have been why Robert Pattinson allegedly “hated Twilight so much.” A lot of fans thought the actors were just running and the footage was being sped up (including myself, though that may have happened in other scenes in the franchise). But, wow. If you’re curious about the full behind-the-scenes video from the TikTok, look no further:

The vampire treadmill run had to be a whole process for the actors and production team to work out. Thankfully someone thought of attaching actors like Kellan Lutz and Elizabeth Reaser, because it seems like it would have just been impossible without something to hold them down. Being on a set like Twilight just looks like a fun time you can’t completely take seriously, and I love it. I mean, did you see how Taylor Lautner looked on set when he transforms into a werewolf? It’s hilarious. Twilight is the gift that keeps on giving.

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