Hobbs And Shaw Star Recalls Getting Vin Diesel’s ‘Seal Of Approval’ When Joining The Fast And Furious Spinoff

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You really never know where the next gig will come from, or who will be with you when you get the call. Take Godzilla vs. Kong star Eiza Gonzalez, who, when working on Vin Diesel’s comic book action thriller Bloodshot, got the call that she was not only cast in the MonsterVerse, but also in the Fast saga expanded universe as well! Cast in both her currently playing project, as well as in Hobbs & Shaw, Gonzalez let Vin Diesel know about her good fortune. Like a true champ, the man gave her his seal of approval.

While promoting Godzilla vs. Kong, Eiza Gonzalez spoke with Collider about her role as Maia Simmons, daughter of Apex Cybernetics boss Walter (Demian Bichir). But, of course, that’s not the only “M” role that Gonzalez is known for, as she also played Margarita, also known as “Madame M,” in Hobbs & Shaw. That particular casting lead to the following story of how Vin Diesel reacted when she told him the news:

At the time, I was working with Vin Diesel and he just gave me his seal of approval. I texted him, I said, ‘Hey, this is gonna happen. I hope you approve it.’ And he’s like super excited for me. So it was really cool. It was very full circle.

The subject of tensions on the Fast & Furious franchise sets, and by extension the beefs inspired by Hobbs and Shaw’s very existence, may lead fans to think that Vin Diesel wouldn’t react with such excitement. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as Eiza Gonzalez’s good news made her Bloodshot co-star rather proud of her. Which is good, because landing the role of Margarita was apparently, in part, thanks to Dwayne Johnson wanting her to have the role so bad that the Hobbs & Shaw folks adjusted their schedule so Gonzalez could do that and Godzilla vs. Kong.

Eiza Gonzalez’s character of Margarita/Madame M was of crucial assistance to Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw and Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs during their spinoff adventure. And since she survived the events of the action-adventure ride that looks to have kicked off its own franchise, there’s a good chance that this Gonzalez could return in the developing Hobbs & Shaw sequel. So at the very least, the viewing public’s demands to see more of Madame M in action might not be that far away.

Though if we were to reach for the stars, we’d like to say that Vin Diesel’s good relationship with his Bloodshot co-star could be the bridge that brings both halves of the Fast & Furious universe back together for one last ride in either F10 or F11. As Margarita is known to be able to come through in a pinch when the heroes need it, and the wounds in the Fast family seem to be healing already, what’s not to say her skills aren’t also in line with reconnecting family? Anything’s possible in a franchise that has finally let Helen Mirren drive a damned car of her own.

At the moment, you can see Eiza Gonzalez take on two other Titans in the entertainment industry thanks to her role in Godzilla vs. Kong. Should you want to see that adventure, or even Gonzalez’s role in Hobbs & Shaw, both are currently available through the HBO Max platform. Check out the six month prepaid subscription offer that’s currently ongoing should you feel a need to be where all the action is!

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