Mission: Impossible Director Is Throwing Some Wild Praise At Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick

Legacyquels like Top Gun: Maverick always raise a very important question: was it worth the wait? Apparently if you’re Mission: Impossible director/Top Gun: Maverick co-writer Christopher McQuarrie, the answer is a resounding yes. But that’s not where the love for this Tom Cruise sequel ends, as McQuarrie has thrown some praise towards director Joseph Kosinski’s film so wild it has to be seen.

Generous as always with his Twitter fanbase, McQuarrie answered a fan’s question about how many times he’d seen the final cut of Top Gun: Maverick. Naturally, as the film has been delayed several times, both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, there have probably been more opportunities than usual for him to check out the final draft of Paramount’s would-be blockbuster. But what Christopher McQuarrie says about how the film plays into his own legacy, is where the wild stuff begins:

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Wow. Considering this is the same Christopher McQuarrie that’s helped tinker with and eventually take over the Mission: Impossible franchise since Ghost Protocol, that’s a lot to say. And this is also the man who made The Usual Suspects an Academy Award winning indie legend. Yet with all of that clout, and the not so small addition of Edge of Tomorrow to his co-writing resume, Christopher McQuarrie feels that Top Gun: Maverick is the best movie that he’s ever been associated with.

If that doesn’t drive the anticipation for Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s next adventure sky high, then nothing will. That’s no small feat either, as the trailers for Top Gun: Maverick have been rather top flight themselves. With those early looks focusing on the mystery of Captain Mitchell’s lack of advancement, and just how the past of Top Gun figures into his current state, we’re still pretty in the dark of just why Christopher McQuarrie has taken such a shine to this film in particular.

That confidence is something that Paramount must share themselves, as Top Gun: Maverick has been the subject of continuous moves, instead of just being sent to streaming in the pandemic economy of PVOD gold. If the movie was announced as a Paramount+ exclusive, you know that the subscriber base would skyrocket as a result, but that’s apparently not the move for the moment. Though Top Gun: Maverick absolutely will find itself on the platform eventually, and roughly 45 days after its theatrical release, thanks to some new wheeling and dealing by Paramount.

Subscribers may still come pouring in through the doors after Top Gun: Maverick is released on November 19, 2021. Should that 45 day window hold up, Maverick’s return should hit streaming around the turn of the new year. But by then, Christopher McQuarrie’s praises will probably be joined by critics and fans who take the ride in theaters, and are all too eager to tell the internet about any potential lovin’ feelings they may encounter.

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