Latest Jurassic World: Dominion Photo Teases The Return Of Sam Neill’s Alan Grant

Sam Neill as Alan Grant in Jurassic Park

The Jurrasic Park franchise keeps evolving, and Jurrasic World: Dominion is looking like another insane dinosaur epic. Jurassic World: Dominion, which has been delayed and recently given a status update by its director featuring Kermit the Frog, is bringing back the original protagonist of the films. The new photos from the film's composer tease the return of Sam Neill’s Alan Grant, a move that has received praise from the new school cast.

Alan Grant, Played by Sam Neill, the original hero of the first Jurassic Park, is set to return in Jurrasic World: Dominion. The renowned paleontologist is reentering the franchise and is set to play a significant role in the new movie. Composer for the film, Michael Giacchino hs teased Sam Neill’s return with a recent photo on Instagram:

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Michael Giacchino posted a picture of a score he is working on, which is presumably the theme for Sam Neill’s Alan Grant. The sheet music is titled “Alan F or Granted” is a cheeky way to tell fans that this piece of music is specifically for the iconic Alan Grant. Composer Michael Giacchino is clearly just as excited as fans are for the return of the OG hero of Jurassic Park.

The musical cues in the Jurrasic movies have always been exceptional. The score beautifully marks the wonder of seeing the dinosaurs for the first time and the horror of when everything inevitably goes wrong. The composer is undoubtedly excited to write a piece of music for the return of Sam Neill’s Alan Grant and craft a memorable musical moment for the film.

Of course, Sam Neill isn't the only original Jurassic Park actor expected to appear in Jurassic World: Dominion. He'll be joined by OG heroes Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern. What's more BD Wong will once again reprise his role as Dr. Henry Wu. It seems Colin Trevorrow's blockbuster will be the Avengers of Jurassic movies, and fans can't wait.

Sam Neill has marked his return to the Jurassic franchise with an awesome post. He recently remarked on how confused he was filming a cameo for Thor: Ragnorok and has been having some fun with fellow Jurassic Park OG Jeff Goldblum about Thor: Love and Thunder rumors. Sam Neill has had a news-packed 2021 already, and Jurrasic World: Dominion is still far away from releasing.

Jurassic World: Dominion may have been pushed back to 2022, but it still has fans excited for the new entry into the franchise that promises to keep upping the ante after 2018’s Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom. With the return of Sam Neill’s Alan Grant into the fold, the bridge between the original movies and the reboots is being steadily established, and the future of the franchise is looking exciting.

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