Walt Disney World Just Announced Its First After Hours Event Since Reopening

Halloween fireworks at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has been open since July 2020, and while that means it's almost been a full year, the last year has looked nothing like what a typical year at Disney World usually looks like. There have been no fireworks, no parades and no chances to hug your favorite Disney characters. Special after hours ticketed events, like Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, have also been missing in action. However, today Disney announced that this coming Halloween, Disney World will finally stay open in the evening to host another special Halloween event called Disney After Hours BOO BASH. The special event will run at Magic Kingdom on select nights beginning August 10 and running through Halloween, October 31.

Prior to the global pandemic, Walt Disney World ran Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom, and the core of that event is being preserved for the Disney After Hours BOO BASH. The three-hour event will allow guests young and old to walk the park in costume, and kids get to go trick-or-treating at various locations around Magic Kingdom. There will be special themed character cavalcades, and the event promises special food offerings, "spooktacular" entertainment and more.

Walt Disney World used to run after hours events on a regular basis. For an added ticket cost, the parks would close early to everybody else, and those with access would get a chance to check out attractions with shorter lines, get special meet-and-greet opportunities and were able to see special parades and/or fireworks. These events were all cancelled in 2020 even after Walt Disney World reopened. There was no Not-So-Scary at Halloween and no Very Merry Christmas Party. The individual one night only Disney After Hours events themed after Star Wars and other popular Disney stories were gone.

While the Disney After Hours BOO BASH is certainly a paired-down offering from what we normally see at Halloween, it's a positive sign that we're seeing an event of this magnitude at all. There may be no parades or fireworks, but for those people who are used to celebrating Halloween at Disney World, there should be enough that feels familiar. This is likely a good sign for other Disney After Hours events being added to the schedule in the future, so we could very likely get a Christmas Party again as well, even if it's not quite what we're used to seeing.

While Disney Parks have been celebrating Halloween earlier and earlier in recent years, August 10 is pretty early even for Disney World. More than likely this is a side effect of social distancing and limited capacity. By starting early, they can have the BOO BASH on more nights, and thus better handle what is likely to be significant demand.

The Disney After Hours BOO BASH wasn't the only thing revealed today as part of Disney Parks Halfway to Halloween Celebration. A special live Disney Parks TikTok event that will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the Haunted Mansion has been announced for May 8. A collection of special Disney Halfway to Halloween Disney merchandise has also been revealed. which you can check out here. Among the new offerings are special Cruella-themed outfits for the popular Disney nuiMOs plush toys, such as the one below.

Minnie Mouse as Cruella Disney nuiMO

Disney Parks have even more special announcements planned to celebrate the fact that we're Halfway to Halloween some of them are even coming later today, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Dirk Libbey
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