Zack Snyder's Blunt Comments About Warner Bros. Put His Justice League 2 In Doubt

Shortly after Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League landed on HBO Max in March, the campaign to Release the Snyder Cut transitioned into a call to Restore the SnyderVerse. Snyder’s four-hour take on DC’s top superhero team ended on a tease, with Darkseid (Ray Porter) learning that the Anti-Life Equation that he seeks is on Earth, but Earth is now under the protection of the fully formed Justice League. What might happen next? Well, Snyder was asked recently if fans should maintain hope that he’ll get to make the two Justice League sequels that he had planned, but his comments about the studio seem to kill that dream, dead. He said:

I would think about it this way. Yes, Warner Bros. has been aggressively anti-Snyder, if you will. And that’s… what can you say? What can I say? Clearly they’re not interested in my take. But I would also say that they certainly weren’t interested in my take on Justice League. They certainly made decisions about that. And I love the characters, and I love the worlds, and I think it’s an amazing place to make a movie. It’s glorious IP. So there’s that. I don’t know what could be done as you go forward, other than, I think the fan movement is so strong, and the fan community is so -- the intention is so pure. And I really have huge respect for it. I would hope that cooler heads would prevail with (Warner Bros.) and that they would see that there’s this massive fandom that wants more of that. But who knows what they’ll do?

Zack Snyder will never fully come out and say to his fanbase to stop asking for more movies in the SnyderVerse. He respects their passion too much, and appreciates the undying support that they continue to show for his take on Justice League and that universe. But by admitting in this interview with ReelBlend co-host Jake Hamilton that the studio who holds the rights to the DC characters is “anti-Snyder” all but exclaims that the log-jam created by the studio between Snyder fans and their production pipeline is not going to clear any time soon, or without a major changing of the guard at the studio.

Instead, Warner Bros. is betting big on the movies that they have created in the wake of transitioning off of Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League. That would include sequels for Shazam and Aquaman, the introduction of Black Adam (The Rock) in his own movie, and The Flash with Ezra Miller, which is expected to explore the concept of a multiverse for DC.

Naturally, Snyder fans are taking this news harshly, blaming Warner Bros. for burning the bridge that could have led to Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 and Justice League 3.

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Snyder leaves a glimmer of hope, saying accurately that Warner Bros. had no interest in releasing his version of the Snyder Cut, and that’s currently available on HBO Max. So stranger things have happened. But it’s feeling like the Snyder Cut was the gift meant to placate a fanbase who instead took it up as a challenge to ask for more, only to be met by a studio who regularly reminds them that they have no interest in continuing anything in this universe.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

Sean O’Connell is a journalist and CinemaBlend’s Managing Editor. Sean created ReelBlend, which he proudly cohosts with Jake Hamilton and Kevin McCarthy. And he's the author of RELEASE THE SNYDER CUT, the Spider-Man history book WITH GREAT POWER, and an upcoming book about Bruce Willis.