Even Universal Studios' Twitter Is Throwing Shade At The Guest Who Jumped Out Of A Ride Tram

Theme parks are supposed to be fun for the whole family, but they can also be dangerous places. The attractions have a lot of moving parts that can potentially injure guests, and so there are a lot of rules about what one can and can't do. These rules exist for your safety, and if you don't listen to me, please listen to the Universal Studios Hollywood Twitter account, which is specifically asking you to please stay inside the tram at all times. And the account wouldn't have to say this if some people weren't listening.

Earlier this month headlines were made when a video was posted online showing somebody jumping out of a tram on the Universal Studios Backlot Tour. They had apparently lost a personal item over the side and so, in the middle of the King Kong 360 3D portion of the tour, the person just hopped out to try and get it. The staff members running the Backlot Tour specifically tell you not to do that, but since that's apparently not enough, the official theme park Twitter has decided to try and reinforce this idea by changing its bio.

Universal Studios Hollywood Twitter Bio

I mean, if you're on the Twitter home page for Universal Studios Hollywood you probably don't need a bio reminding you what USH is, so the theme park might as well use the space for something useful, like reminding people not to jump out of moving vehicles. It is, in general, not a great idea. It's a bad idea when the vehicle is stopped on level ground, but this person actually jumped out during a part of the tour that is basically a theme park ride. The tram is being tossed around like a motion simulator attraction and I'm fairly certain the experience was not designed to have people standing on the ground.

The Twitter accounts for both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort have perfected the subtle art of throwing shade. They frequently poke a bit of fun at their major theme park competitor, Disney, and sometimes they even go after each other. It's all pretty good natured for the most part, and this is too, even if it dealing with an actual serious issue.

The person jumping off the tram resulted in some pretty significant issues for everybody trying to experience the backlot tour. It was all captured on video by Theme Park Mikey.

Please stay inside the tram at all times. If you lose something over the side, let the staff member know and it can be retrieved for you. You'll get your sunglasses back or whatever. And that way you won't have a Twitter account with 350,000 followers giving you a hard time.

Dirk Libbey
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