Justice League Fan Art Brings Green Lantern To Life, And Zack Snyder Approves

Green Lantern in the comics

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Despite being released for months, conversation around Zack Snyder’s Justice League hasn’t slowed down. This is partly due to new revelations that have come from the filmmaker himself, including his plans to include Green Lantern John Stewart. Some fan art brought Wayne T. Carr to life as the Lantern, and Zack Snyder approves.

In the final moments of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Bruce Wayne officially meets Martian Manhunter in his remote home. But as Snyder revealed, he also wanted to include Green Lantern John Stewart in this scene, with actor Wayne T. Carr filming footage in the director’s driveway. Fan art brought that iconic hero to life, which Snyder eventually shared on his Vero account. Said art can be seen below.

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I mean, how cool is that? The FOMO hit hard when Zack Snyder revealed that Green Lantern could have showed up in the final scene of his Justice League. But seeing the full potential of Wayne T. Carr as John Stewart makes it all the more painful for the fandom.

The above image comes to us from the Instagram of digital artist Datrinti, and was also shared by Zack Snyder himself on his Vero. In it we can see an ultra-realistic version of Wayne T. Carr as the iconic Green Lantern named John Stewart. It’s a fan-favorite character fans have been waiting to see on the big screen, but it’s currently unclear if/when that’ll actually occur.

This piece of fan art will also make comic book purists happy out there, as John Stewart’s Green Lantern is wearing a costume that’s accurate to what he wears on the page. Unfortunately, it’s unclear if we’ll ever get to see the official completed design for Justice League in HD.

The Snyder Cut is available exclusively on HBO Max. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

Zack Snyder has been open about his desire to include John Stewart and Kilowog during the course of Justice League. But as the filmmaker explained, the studio pushed back because it has plans for the Green Lantern Corps.. That hasn’t stopped Snyder from hyping up the fans, and even flashing a glimpse of Wayne T. Carr in the role on his phone.

The Snyder Cut finally revealed the titular filmmaker’s vision for the DC project, and it seems that the Green Lantern moment was the only thing he had to really compromise on. Of course, the filmmaker’s plans for two more sequels will keep the conversation going for the foreseeable future.

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