Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Green Lantern Actor Wayne T. Carr On The Silver Lining To Being Cut From The Movie

John Stewart in the comics

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Despite being out for over a month, the conversation surrounding Zack Snyder’s Justice League is showing no signs of slowing down. Every frame of the four-hour has been dissected by the fandom, while Snyder has unpacked even more information about his original five-film vision. It was recently revealed that actor Wayne T. Carr was going to play Green Lantern John Stewart, even filming some limited footage. And while he was ultimately cut, Carr has found a silver lining to this turn of events.

The release of Zack Snyder’s Jutstice League allowed for the titular filmmaker’s original vision for the blockbuster to finally be shared with the masses. But Snyder also took the time to film limited reshoots, adding a Knightmare sequence as well as the introduction of Martian Manhunter. Green Lanterns John Stewart and Kilowog were cut from the film’s coda, but actor Wayne T. Carr explained why he’s still in good spirits. In his words,

When I saw the full vision, I went through the journey like everybody went through the journey. Towards the end I realized, 'Ugh. I'm not a part of this. Darn.’ The thing that kind of just warmed my heart was once all of the concept art and stuff started to drop, it's been nothing but love from the fans, man. Like, I wasn't even in the movie, and I'm just getting positive feedback from people and support. It's super crazy. It's absolutely crazy, but I love it.

That’s definitely a good way at approaching his scrapped role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In the end Snyder wasn’t given the green light to bring Green Lantern John Stewart life for the first time on in live-action. But that hasn’t stopped Wayne T. Carr from feeling the love from fans.

Wayne T. Carr’s comments about his Snyder Cut gig come from the actor’s recent appearance on Light Cast. While he was careful not to actually reveal anything about what the role would have entailed, Carr shared what it was like filming briefly Zack Snyder, and how warm the reception has been from the fandom.

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At the tail end of the Snyder Cut, Bruce Wayne wakes up in his remote cabin, and ends up meeting Harry Lennix’s Martian Manhunter for the first time. Zack Snyder revealed that he actually wanted Green Lanterns John Stewart and Kilowog to make an appearance, further expanding the world of the DCEU. Unfortunately we didn't get this, and the only Lantern that appeared was during the Darkseid flashback.

Unfortunately for both Zack Snyder and Wayne T. Carr, Warner Bros. nixed the idea of the Green Lanterns having any major presence in Justice League. This is likely because there’s been a long-developing Green Lantern Corps. projects in the works, so the studio wanted to wait until they formally join the DCEU.

The next installment in the DCEU is The Suicide Squad on August 6th. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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