Seth Rogen Celebrates McLovin’s 40th ‘Birthday’ With A+ Message

Jonah Hill and Michael Cera may have been the stars of 2007’s Superbad, but arguably the movie’s biggest scene stealer was Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s Fogell. Actually, you probably know the character by a different name: McLovin. That’s the weird name Fogell picked out for his fake ID in his quest to buy liquor as a high schooler, and today actually marks McLovin’s 40th birthday. So Seth Rogen, who also appeared in Superbad, decided to commemorate the big “milestone.”

In addition to starring in Superbad as Officer Michaels alongside Bill Hader’s Officer Slater, Seth Rogen also co-wrote the movie with Evan Goldberg. So to celebrate McLovin turning the big 4-0, Rogen tweeted this:

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Ah, how far McLovin has come since Superbad. At the time, he was a 25-year-old organ donor from Hawaii, and now he’s over the hill and presumably settled down with a family. To know for sure, we’d either have to ask Fogell in the Superbad universe (assuming he kept adding backstory details to his alter ego), or check with Seth Rogen or Evan Goldberg in the real world. After all, the writers came up with the McLovin joke at just 14, so maybe they could quickly come up with some details on his adult life.

Ultimately though, McLovin was just a means to an end for Fogell to acquire all sorts of alcohol for Jonah Hill’s Seth and Michael Cera’s Evan, as they promised to bring vodka to a party being held by Emma Stone’s Jules. Fogell’s plan worked… until he got punched in the face when the convenience store he was at was robbed. From there, Officers Michaels and Slater entered the picture, and Fogell joined them on a night of debauchery while Seth and Evan got caught up in their own antics.

Released on August 17, 2007, Superbad was met with a lot of positive critical reception and make nearly $171 million worldwide off a $20 million budget. In addition to catapulting Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse to new levels of fame, the movie also served as Emma Stone’s film debut, having previously done stage and TV work. At this point their careers, Seth Rogen was best known for projects like Freaks and Geeks and The 40-Year-Old Virgin (which Hill also appeared in), while Hader was still early into his Saturday Night Live run.

One way we could know for certain what happened to McLovin… sorry, Fogell, is if Superbad 2 moved forward. A potential sequel has been discussed for years, but back in February, Christopher Mintz-Plasse said that he’d heard from “some of the people” who made Superbad that they “don’t want to touch” a follow-up story so as not to tarnish the first movie. Seth Rogen also expressed apprehension last year about making Superbad 2, so if you’re wondering where Seth, Evan and Fogell are nowadays, you’ll just have to make that up in your head.

For those of you interested in Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s career, he most recently starred in Promising Young Woman and wrapped his time voicing Fishlegs Ingerman in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. For the people reading who are simply wondering what movies are coming out later this year, look through our 2021 release schedule for that information.

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