The Only Way Superbad 2 Could Ever Work, According To McLovin Actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Christopher Mintz-Plasse in Superbad

Since its release in 2007, Superbad has become a cult classic. The film infiltrated pop culture in a way very few coming-of-age comedies have, and one of the most beloved parts of the film is Fogell, a.k.a. McLovin, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse. For many the actor’s performance was a highlight, and recently, the McLovin actor gave his stance on the only way Superbad 2 could ever work.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse shot to superstardom as McLovin in the classic teen sex comedy. McLovin was arguably the most popular character from Superbad, to the point that the actor was only recognized by the name. Mintz-Plasse has moved on from the iconic role, as evident by his latest role in the acclaimed film Promising Young Woman. The actor recently revealed how a Superbad sequel could work on an appearance on 98.1 WOGL, telling host Glenn Kalina

I’ve heard from some of the people who made the first one, and I don’t think they want to touch it. I think they kind of like where it’s sitting. And, sometimes if you make a sequel to things, it can kind of damper the first one. I think they just want to let it be…If there was a way to do it, [a female version] would be the way, for sure.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s remarks are understandable given how highly regarded Superbad still is years after its release. McLovin and the film as a whole are still quoted and referenced in conversations and media, and next year, the teen sex comedy will be celebrating its 15th anniversary. But a sequel might not be in the cards, as the film’s writer Seth Rogen was apprehensive about touching the classic comedy.

Before Christopher Mintz-Plasse was cast as McLovin, Superbad was originally conceived as a star vehicle for Seth Rogen. But by the time the film went into production. Rogen has aged out of the role, leading to Johan Hill being cast to play Seth. Mintz-Plasse’s McLovin was based on Rogen and co-writer Evan Goldberg’s real friend from high school. Superbad was released to positive critical reception, along with grossing over $170 million at the worldwide box office. Not only did Superbad push Mintz-Plasse from an unknown actor to a big name, but it cemented Hill and Michael Cera as Hollywood’s go-to comedy film stars.

With so many classics either getting sequels remakes or reboots left and right, Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s view seems to fall in line with some Hollywood trends. While a female version might seem like a promising idea, some female reboots of classic films have been met with a divisive reception in recent years. I guess we’ll have to keep watching Booksmart in the meantime. If you want to relive the high school hijinks and sex jokes of McLovin, Seth and Evan, you can stream Superbad on Netflix and Hulu, or rent it on Vudu and Prime Video.

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