It's A Good Day: Jack Black And Ice Cube Are Teaming Up For A Wild New Comedy

Ice Cube and Jack Black

Learning that Jack Black and Ice Cube are making a comedy together has me pretty pumped, especially since it means those retirements rumors don’t seem to be true. The two artists/actors have never been in a project together before, and now that it has been announced that they will both star in Sony’s Oh Hell No, I must say that I’m shocked no one has thought to put the stars together before, because I’m digging the pairing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jack Black will likely star opposite Ice Cube in Oh Hell No, as the project explores the two stars’ characters’ relationship. While that doesn’t sound too exciting, I’d already be done just on the promise of seeing the two comedic artists interacting on screen. Oh, did I forget to mention that Black’s character falls in love with the mother of Ice Cube’s character? Yeah, that definitely adds a whole new level of potential comedy gold and totally makes the title fitting.

Even though Jack Black and Ice Cube have never worked together for an on screen project like this, Oh Hell No has one hell of an inner connection. Matt Tolmach is producing the project, and he was also was a producer on the Jumanji reboot films, which starred Black.

We can pretty much expect a stellar script for the project, because there are four big writers on the project. Jessica Gao and Rodney Rothman are both writers for Marvel; Gao is the head writer for the upcoming Marvel/Disney+ series She-Hulk and Rothman wrote the screenplay for the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The writers have the comedy genre pretty well covered, with Scot Armstrong and Tracy Oliver on board as well; Armstrong having written the cult classic comedy Old School and Oliver the newer Girl’s Trip.

It’s also worth noting that even though the Marvel writers Jessica Gao and Rodney Rothman may have those major productions to their name, they also are comedic writers. Gao is a writer on the animated hit series Rick & Morty, while Rothman wrote 22 Jump Street and was the head writer for David Letterman, writing over 400 episodes worth of jokes.

These are some serious hitters in the writing room for Oh Hell No, and it only makes sense when you have Ice Cube and Jack Black heading the project. The director is no different, as Kitao Sakurai will direct the project. He has plenty of comedy experience as the director of Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show and Netflix’s new hit Bad Trip.

Oh Hell No, although it is already fit with a very on-brand title, is still in the very early stages. Not much has been released about the plot or the rest of the cast other than what is reported here. Even so, the news that Jack Black and Ice Cube will finally have a back and forth in their own film is killer news, so I gotta say it was a good day. Oh Hell No arrives on July 1, 2022.

Carlie Hoke
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