Mad Max: Furiousa's Anya Taylor-Joy Reveals The 'No.1' Reason She's Excited To Film The Prequel

Anya Taylor-Joy in New Mutants

Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the biggest movies of 2015. It was not only a box office hit but a critical darling that was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. With that kind of success, a follow-up is far from surprising. But rather than getting another Mad Max movie, the next entry will focus on the other big star of the film: Furiosa, who is getting a self-titled origin story film. Charlize Theron brought Furiosa to life, but Anya Taylor-Joy is set to tell the story of the character's earlier days. And she could not be happier to be working with George Miller.

There are many reasons one could be excited to be playing the lead in Furiosa. It's a starring role in what is sure to be a massive action blockbuster. That action will likely be largely practical in nature, which could be enticing for many performers. Anya Taylor-Joy says she actually is looking forward to the physicality of the movie, but beyond even that, the actress tells Variety she simply is excited to be working with director George Miller...

The thing that makes me most excited about Furiosa is, No. 1, George Miller. That brain is incredible. I feel so lucky and privileged to spend time with him, and to grow alongside him. I’m also really excited to do something physical. To physically become something else is something that will weirdly give me a lot of peace. I’m quite excited to work hard.

The original Mad Max movie was George Miller's feature directorial debut in 1979 and the filmmaker has done so much since then. For somebody like Anya Taylor-Joy who (despite her recent success) is still quite young, there has to be a lot that she can learn from Miller's experience. And she certainly sounds eager to learn.

And there's sure to be a lot George Miller has to teach. Over the course of his career he hasn't only made the Mad Max movies. He's also made family dramas and animated films. He's sort of done it all, and he's done almost all of it well. There are few people better one could learn from.

While Furiosa is not expected until sometime in 2023, and thus likely won't even begin filming until some time next year, it's a movie a lot of people are going to have their eyes on. Charlize Theron was the real star that came out of Mad Max: Fury Road and she clearly loved playing the role as well. She's been open about her disappointment that she's not in the in new Furiosa movie. Though she also has nothing but good thigs to say about George Miller, and she says she trusts his decisions regarding the character.

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