John Wick 4: Donnie Yen Looks Sharp And Ready To Kick Ass With Keanu In New Set Photo

If you're a fan of big screen action, there are few movie franchises happening right now quite as perfect as John Wick. Every action scene is like a ballet of violence. With each new entry in the series part of the excitement is just waiting to see how director Chad Stahelski will top himself finding new and exciting ways for Keanu Reeves to kill lots of people. It's also exciting to see just who John Wick will be going up against, or teaming up with, in his struggle for survival. We know John Wick: Chapter 4 will be bringing one of the all-time great action stars into the fold with Donnie Yen, and the actor looks like he's acclimating himself to the world of John Wick quite well.

Today marks Donnie Yen's birthday and the actor posted to Instagram in a sort of celebration. Yen is celebrating this year from the set of John Wick: Chapter 4, and while he admits to missing his family on his special day, he clearly also still loves making movies, and he's looking very ready to stand next to Keanu Reeves, they both look really good in a suit.

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While the action of John Wick is top notch, one of the best elements about the franchise is the world that the films inhabit. There's an entire secret world of professional assassins and they exist just under the surface of our own world. Most of them dress like normal businessmen, and we would simply never know that the suit is actually bullet resistant if we saw them on the street.

Exactly how Donnie Yen's character will fit into John Wick: Chapter 4 we don't really know. It's being reported that Yen's character shares many of the same enemies as Keanu Reeves' character, as well as the same history, which could mean Yen's character actually made it out of the life, as Wick had once done, before the death of a puppy started a chain reaction that brought the former killer back. One assumes this means we will see Reeves and Yen fighting alongside each other rather than trying to kill each other, but who knows? We could start off in one place and by the end be somewhere very different.

It honestly feels shocking that we made it to the fourth John Wick movie before a place was found for Donnie Yen. An actor with his martial arts skill feels like just the sort of person who should be a big part of a franchise like this. The sort of action sequences that could be put together with Donnie Yen should be absolutely amazing. Even if it feels like this should have happened sooner, action fans are sure to love that it is finally happening.

It's great to see that John Wick: Chapter 4 is underway, and that much of the previous cast is back. What the future holds for John Wick is anybody's guess, but we can be sure it will include some incredible action.

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