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Matthew McConaughey Amusingly Just Flipped His Iconic Catchphrase While Touting His New Journal

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey has had a more than alright, alright, alright career since saying those now-famous words in Dazed and Confused. Nearly 30 years later, the actor is an Oscar winner and recently became an author with the release of his book Greenlights. The memoir is a fun, yet profound journey through McConaughey’s life, and now he is inspiring others to write down their own personal journey through his upcoming journal. With that, he’s found a twist on his iconic catchphrase.

Greenlights was a product of Matthew McConaughey going through decades of journals he wrote over the years in between his time in the limelight. His book includes entertaining stories about that time he got arrested playing bongos and more wild revelations about his life, along with his own perspectives on living life, and it has since become a New York Times bestseller. While introducing the journal he created for fans of the book, listen for the new spin on “alright, alright, alright.”

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There you have it. Matthew McConaughey is saying the same sounds, but it’s translated to “I write, I write, I write” and it’s perfect. The Dallas Buyers Club actor is deepening the phrase to stand for his love for journaling and encourage others to take part in the habit. As McConaughey shared on Instagram, writing down his thoughts over the years has allowed him to figure out who he is and who he is not.

The journal is called Greenlights: Your Journal, Your Journey, and it includes prompts written by Matthew McConaughey to inspire the kind of questions he felt was important in his own life, perhaps going by some of the philosophies he educates readers on in the book. McConaughey has been writing in journals since he was 15 years old, so he sounds like a great guide in journaling for those who are just starting out.

Matthew McConaughey promoted his journal as a way to get to know yourself rather than the actor, as Greenlights did, and seems to be his own way to be somewhat of a life coach and allow for other people to apply some of his personal wisdoms. A number of studies over the years has pointed journaling to improving one's mental health, and this is McConaughey’s own version of this, with a number of questions and exercises to get people writing.

The Greenlights journal is coming to bookshelves on December 7, not far away from Matthew McConaughey’s next movie, Sing 2. The sequel to Illumination’s 2016 music-fueled film will once again star the actor’s koala character as the cast including Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson put together a new show. Sing 2 comes out on December 22.

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