The Fun Throwback Moment Tom Cruise And Co. Incorporated Into Top Gun: Maverick

As the release of Top Gun: Maverick slowly approaches, the anticipation seems to grow with every new reveal. Much like the original Top Gun, moviegoers can expect the same high-octane stunts and tricks in the sequel. While Maverick's newcomers are welcomed additions, the real draw is Tom Cruise performing plane stunts everyone is looking forward to. But fans will get more than jet tricks from Cruise since there will also be a fun throwback moment incorporated into Top Gun: Maverick.

Everyone knows Tom Cruise is all about the need for speed, so working with Justin Kell and his company isn’t anything new. But Kell's time on Top Gun: Maverick with Cruise was different. Kell mentioned his contribution to the sequel will be exceptionally special, as Hollywood’s go-to motorbike expert revealed how Cruise will create a nostalgic moment for fans of 1986's Top Gun:

So I was very excited to work with that same team on Top Gun: Maverick. The first movie contained what could be considered the most iconic motorcycling moment onscreen, when he is riding the Kawasaki GPZ900R. For the new movie, we worked with Kawasaki again, this time with their H2 Ninja. Fun fact, back when the first movie came out, the GPZ900R was the fastest production bike on the market, and now the H2 Ninja is. So there is a nice full-circle moment that only the motorheads may notice.

Recreating that moment from the original film will touch the hearts of moviegoers. Watching Maverick ride his motorcycle on the runway is still a scene referenced today, so it will be incredible to see how that translates in 2021. As Justin Kell pointed out, having Kawasaki used in both films is a full-circle moment. Of course, diehard Top Gun fans and motorheads will appreciate that moment on the big screen, but that moment was preceded by another moment between Kell and Cruise.

Working on the bike for Top Gun: Maverick was one thing, but you still must impress the film’s star Tom Cruise. Of course, Justin Kell wasn’t disappointed. Upon delivering the finished product to the set, Kell told Inside Hook that Cruise and Maverick director Joe Kosinski inspected it. After the Hollywood star saw it, he told everyone in the room “Guys, we’re back!” Having Cruise approve of his work was a huge moment for the motorcycle expert, as it should be.

Tom Cruise fans know his love for motorcycles is nothing new. Whether it’s the Mission: Impossible series or Knight and Day, Cruise is no strange to riding bikes. But that isn’t too much of a surprise given the Hollywood star’s penchant for doing death-defying stunts. Sometimes, this has been at the expense of the cast and crew. Cruise’s gung-ho attitude paid off as fans are in for a treat when Top Gun: Maverick arrives in theaters on November 19.

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