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I’m not sure how I feel about this new poster for The Road, in which the movie is given second billing to Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers. Fully half the poster is dedicated entirely to his quote and worse, the name of the magazine he writes for is written in a font that’s nearly as big as the one used to denote what film it is he’s talking about. It’s certainly written more clearly. Casual passersby might assume the name of the film is Rolling Stone and miss The Road entirely. It seems like a bad idea.

On the other hand, in a world where film criticism is being drowned out by the voices of teeny bopper fangirls slavishly devoting themselves to the unworthy Twilight movies, it is nice to see that at lease someone thinks critics matter. But I’d be a lot more likely to hang this poster on my wall if it was devoted entirely to the image at the bottom, which is, worthy of a full poster and not as an afterthought cast on the altar of Peter Travers’ hyperbole filled quote-whoring. If I ever call any movie a “Triumph!”, I hope you dear reader, will have the good sense to shoot me.

Here’s the new poster:

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