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Despite the prospect of seeing Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman facing off against each other, I'm still a little puzzled about The Book of Eli, a movie that looks to be for post-apocalyptic movies what 2012 was for the actual apocalypse. As in, here's as many barren wastelands and unscrupulous warlords as you can possibly handle, but not necessarily presented in an original or interesting way.

Then again, the movie at least has an intriguing cast, and it comes out in the middle of January, which is such a nightmare for new releases that Eli may be the best option by default. Check out the new poster for the film, which debuted at MySpace, and tell me if you feel the same kind of defeated allegiance to Denzel Washington and his grizzled beard. That's the dark side of allowing an actor to be universally beloved-- it's great to see him, but then when he starts in stuff like The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, you feel obligated as if he were your own family. Damn you and your charm Denzel!

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