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America's next child star turned trampy faux-adult, Amanda Bynes, has signed on to a career-changing comedy Hall Pass, says Variety. As the next effort from the Farrelly Brothers, this would move Bynes away from her kid-friendly high-school stereotype and into a world where she may actually play an honest-to-goodness adult.

Hall Pass follows two married couples bored with their daily routines whose wives shake things up by giving their husbands free reign to find themselves some extramarital partners. It isn't mentioned whether Bynes will play one of the wives, one of the affairs, or someone totally different, but the smart money is on an affair.

The 24-year-old will be starring alongside comedy alum Owen Wilson, Jenna Fischer, and ready-to-burst-into-the-mainstream Jason Sudeikis, currently a fan favorite on SNL and appearing every so often on 30 Rock. Bynes has found herself in a good place; how she handles this one will define where she goes from here.

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