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With all the hubbub that surrounded Seth Rogen's untitled cancer comedy, when James McAvoy bailed at the last minutes and was replaced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I totally forgot about the plans for Rogen and Michelle Williams to star in Take This Waltz, the next film from Away From Her director and general wunderkind Sarah Polley. Rogen and Williams seem like perhaps the unlikeliest of couples, but Polley has serious writing and directing skills, and pretty much anything coming from her is worth as much faith as it takes.

Even if the cast is only getting weirder. Variety reports that Sarah Silverman has signed on to play Rogen's sister in the film, while Rogen is playing the husband of Williams' character, the lead, who falls for a new guy while on a business trip. A quick glance over the script indicates a role that's perfect for Silverman, a woman with a newborn child who says, in the first scene where we meet her, "I look in the mirror I wanna fuck myself. I think I look better than I did before [having her daughter." Yup, that sounds about right.

I'll plan to look over the script hopefully before the next casting announcement comes to tell us who will play the new love interest-- who, as it turns out, is a character named Seth. Filming starts in Toronto this summer, so we should expect an announcement soon.

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