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This summer's Despicable Me will be the first animated film to take on the task of sympathizing with the villain, but really, I'm already looking past that one to Megamind. With Will Ferrell voicing the villain and Brad Pitt in a role seemingly made for him-- the pompous, city-saving superhero-- it looks original and clever where Despicable Me somehow just feels tired.

But you won't have to choose between them-- Despicable Me comes out July 9, while Megamind isn't arriving until November. But with the new Megamind trailer that just hit at Yahoo! Movies, it's fair to be excited about that one too. Check out the new trailer below, in which Ferrell terrorizes the populace, Pitt juggles babies, and Tina Fey's wry news reporter character isn't at all terrified by the horrible machines thrown her way. There's a whole lot in there to like.

Watch in glorious HD at Yahoo!

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