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Remember that Vertigo-eqsue Buried poster? It seems something similar is being done in the film’s brand new theatrical trailer. Yahoo! Movies has the video and it’s packed with stills from the film, critic quotes and a whole lot of snaking lines all backed by sounds clips of Ryan Reynolds as the man down under, Paul Conroy, chatting on the phone with 911, a captor, a US government representative and his wife.

This certainly isn’t a conventional theatrical trailer. In fact, it reminds me a lot of that teaser trailer for The Social Network. That being said, this new one for Buried is compelling, but it’s really just teaser material and actually feels more like a TV spot. I guess there’s just so much they can show when the entire film takes place in an underground coffin, but even a little fancy editing on that clip of Paul making a video message on his cell phone could have a more intense effect on a packed theater. It’s a good trailer, I just don’t seeing it play well on the big screen.

Watch the new Buried trailer below or in HD on Yahoo!

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