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It’s a good thing we’re finally getting to see some material from Faster and Drive Angry because I’m finally starting to be able to tell the difference between the two. Both are about a guy with a grudge, fresh out of jail and hell-bent on demolishing those responsible for the death of a family member. The similarities don’t stop there, but at least now we can put faces to the characters thanks to the Faster trailer and these brand new stills and concept art from Drive Angry.

Nicolas Cage cleaned up a bit since The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, but is still looking shaggy as Milton, an escapee trying to track down the cult that murdered his daughter. The similarities return with Milton’s adversaries. Just like Dwayne Johnson’s character in Faster, not only is Milton busy with his hunt, but he’s being trailed by a cop and some sort of psychopath. One thing Cage has that Johnson doesn’t? Amber Heard.

Check out some stills of the cast and a little concept art below and click here to take a look at the full gallery.

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