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Here in the States Lionsgate has been playing pretty coy with the thriller Buried, releasing a teaser trailer that looked fantastic but showed off zero footage from the film. Over the UK, though, they're revealing a lot more-- The Sun has posted a new trailer that helps explain how they manage to make a movie that's just Ryan Reynolds in a box for 30 minutes, and how his character, Paul Conroy, even manages to survive that long.

The trailer isn't embeddable, so you'll have to click over there to check it out. Buried is set for release on September 24, and will be showing at the Toronto Film Festival next week. I caught the film at Sundance and wrote in my review that director Rodrigo Cortes "has the skill to make his 90 minute experiment work brilliantly." Seriously, this movie is worth your time-- though claustrophobes probably ought to be wary. Check out the trailer at The Sun for a much better idea of what I'm talking about.

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