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In a few weeks the Farrelly Brothers return to theaters with their latest comedy, Hall Pass, in which Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson play horny married dudes given license to be lecherous. It is a Farrelly Brothers movie, which means rated-R, ridiculous content all the way and that also probably means that the very PG movie trailers we’ve seen so far haven’t really captured the debauchery film.

When the MPAA’s trailer restrictions just won’t do, it’s time to get red band. Here’s the first red band trailer for Hall Pass, in which Jason Sudeikis spends a lot of time jerking off and talking about boobs:

Here’s a strange observation about this trailer: Owen Wilson is in this movie, but is he really in this movie? Jason Sudeikis seems to be carrying all the comedy while Owen just sort of stands around and looks sheepish. Why is he there again?

Hall Pass hits theater February 25th. For more detailed info visit our BFD.

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