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Will Smith has been a lot busier making movie stars out of his two children than being a movie star himself these days. The last film he starred in was 2008's major flop Seven Pounds, and though he's been developing projects through his Overbrook Entertainment production company, he's yet to put any of those in motion. While filming on his next film Men In Black III shuts down yet again, Smith is adding yet another project to the potential to-do list, this one a comedy based on the Biblical story of Job.

The story comes from screenwriter Paul Tamasy, who along with The Fighter screenwriter Eric Johnson wrote the script and sold it to Overbrook and Smith. Tamasy broke the news while appearing on the Movie B.S. podcast; hat tip to Collider for transcribing the relevant portion:
He’ll be playing “Joe.” The movie’s called Joe. It’s about a man [who is living] the American dream. He’s got the nice house, white picket fence, great kids, great wife, nice cars. God and the devil get together every thousand years to bet on a man’s life, and the fate of the world is at stake. What all of us get hit with in a lifetime, this man gets hit with in one week. And it’s about whether or not he can still pick himself up from that and survive it. It’s a dramedy. At it’s heart, it’s a comedy — but it’s got, obviously, a real dramatic core to it.
The whole "fate of the world is at stake" thing makes it sound like the usual Will Smith action thing, but the rest of it sounds a little more personal, like maybe Seven Pounds but actually good. It's unclear when Smith might actually get around to making the movie, or if he'll continue being on board to star, but it sounds like an intriguing project for a star who, I'll admit, I've missed seeing on the screen. He's one of the last true remaining movie stars, and we're all better off when he's working.