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Back in January it was reported that Jackass star Johnny Knoxville and SNL castmember Andy Samberg were being considered for the roles of Moe and Larry, respectively, in the Farrelly brother's version of The Three Stooges. Only a few hours later, Peter Farrelly spoke to the press and said that the story wasn't true. Naturally, it was kind of funny when it was reported last week that Knoxville would indeed be playing Moe and was just waiting on an offer from the studio. Guess what? That story was bogus too.

THR did some investigating, and while Knoxville did show an interest in the project at one point, negotiating never actually began with 20th Century Fox and an offer was never made. The actor will instead be focusing his attention on the two recently announced projects over at Paramount, the Broken Lizard-Jackass team-up Mustache Riders and the political comedy First Man. Casting continues for the Three Stooges film, which is scheduled to start filming in the next few months.

So let's let that be the end of it, shall we? Johnny Knoxville will not be playing Moe in The Three Stooges. Case closed.

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