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UPDATE: Variety has it that Gosling will indeed be replacing Evans in the lead role, because Evans is committed to The Hobbit.

For the past week or so I've been obsessing over one thing and one thing only: Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive. After watching the film last Friday at the Los Angeles Film Festival (you can read my review right HERE), I've been talking about it non-stop, both with people who were at the screening with me (they are just as excited as I am) and those who weren't (who see my chatter as pure torture because they have to wait until September to see the movie). Gosling and the director make an incredible pair, and fortunately Drive won't be the last time they're seen working together.The star is already lined up to star in the filmmaker's remake of Logan's Run, and now they've added another title to their shared resume.

Twitch reports from a "very good authority" that Gosling has signed on to star in Winding Refn's Only God Forgives. While Kristin Scott Thomas has been attached for a while, and while it was previously rumored that Luke Evans was circling the project, it's unknown if Gosling is joining the cast in addition or as a replacement (it's probably a safe bet that it's the latter). The story revolves around a criminal in Bangkok who runs a boxing club. Unsatisfied with his life, he meets a retired cop, who is apparently the The Angel of Vengeance, and discovers that he must confront his mother. The project is expected to shoot in the fall.

Since walking out of Drive I've been conflicted about Winding Refn and Gosling doing Logan's Run simply because I think they, as a pair, are capable of much bigger and better things. Turns out that what I meant by that was they need to make Only God Forgives together. Tonally this sounds right up Winding Refn's alley and after the director becomes a huge star thanks to Drive it should make for a perfect follow-up.

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