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Cowboys & Aliens opens in theaters on July 29, just a few short weeks away, and remarkably I still have no real idea what the plot is. Yes, I know Daniel Craig is a man who wakes up in the wilderness with a strange alien cuff attached to his wrist, and that he winds up in a town that's under siege by aliens. But I still don't really know how co-stars like Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell and Paul Dano fit into the story, nor do I know what kind of conflict they might all come to or even what alien technology these beasts are bringing. In this era of constant viral marketing and trailers that give away everything, I kinda like that.

And the new clip from the film, which popped up today at Yahoo! Movies, doesn't change that. Take a look below to see what I mean.

Obviously there's a lot to learn here-- the powers of the alien and the sound it makes when attacking in the house, the dynamic between Harrison Ford and the townspeople, and what seems like an anti-relationship between him and Daniel Craig, the stranger who doesn't think he owes Ford anything, but has the weapon strapped to his wrist that's capable of doing… well, something. I love a lot of the details here too, all the gruff talk between the two actors, the footprint of the alien in the dust, and the general feel of this being an actual old Western that happens to have an extraterrestrial enemy.

I'll be getting a look at Cowboys & Aliens next week at Comic Con, and I'm hoping all this mystery serves me well when I go into the screening having no idea what to expect.

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