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Mark Wahlberg and David O. Russell, the actor and director team who can't quit cooking up new projects for themselves, have set their sights on yet another idea. According to Deadline Wahlberg is in negotiations to star in the graphic novel adaptation 2 Guns, and while Russell's involvement isn't confirmed, as of this January he was planning to write an adaptation with Vince Vaughn possibly to star. The story has room for two leads, so it's possible we'll see both Wahlberg and Vaughn involved-- the plot follows a DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer who are both investigating each other and stealing money from the mob. It sounds like a more complicated version of The Departed, but hey, at least not as complicated as the twisted adaptation of Uncharted that Russell was planning for a while there.

The Deadline article describes the film as a "studio priority," but it's unclear what that means given that Russell is moving ahead with The Silver Linings Playbook, though scheduling conflicts have apparently forced him to replace Wahlberg in the lead role, possibly bringing in Bradley Cooper instead. We've been watching Russell waffle for months since The Fighter came out about what his next project might be, and it's kind of remarkable that there's still nothing set in stone. He bailed on Uncharted and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, flirted with taking on Disney's Maleficent, talked to Brad Pitt about the hostage rescue movie The Mission, and all the while kept insisting that he and Wahlberg wanted to make The Fighter 2 together. He has yet to go into production on any of these films-- that's a remarkable commitment to indecision.

Presumably The Silver Linings Playbook could go into production this fall, though, while Wahlberg makes Broken City with Allen Hughes; Wahlberg and Russell could then reunite to get 2 Guns off the ground, continuing their moviemaking bromine with barely a hitch. Or they could continue to talk about The Fighter 2 and not actually do anything-- I admit, I'll be a little sad when those two quit speculating about an infinite number of possible projects and actually get down to work on them. The planning is the fun part, no?

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