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There's a little more than a month left before Christopher Nolan can dazzle us with his third and reportedly final installment in his Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Have you heard of it yet? Kidding. Actually, Warner and Nolan actually have done an excellent job teasing the film with a stream of recent TV spots that better introduced Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, Tom Hardy’s Bane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Gotham police officer, John Blake.

And these will continue to fuel the fire: scans from the book "The Dark Knight Rises: The Secret Files Scrapbook" (available on Amazon) have been popping up online, giving us grainy views of most characters not named Batman. We have them below, in addition to a new TV spot with a flurry of new shots (but mostly it just sets up the fact that advance tickets go on sale beginning June 11).

Where is Bane in that first image? The Bat cave? And why does Gordon-Levitt’s officer wield a shotgun as he stares at … something? The amazing thing about The Dark Knght Rises is that we’ve seen a decent amount, and yet, we still know so little. Kudos, Mr. Nolan, for maintaining a shroud of secrecy in a digital age that aspires to spoil everything. Here are the images and the TV spot; now go get you’re your advance tickets!

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