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Given that Barry Sonnenfeld has made three movies about a secret organization that protects the world from otherworldly attacks, you'd think he be kind of sick of the premise by now, but judging by the new project that he is negotiating for that doesn't seem to be the case. The filmmaker is now in talks to helm Lore, a new movie based on the graphic novel by Ashley Wood that centers on a secret organization that that protects the world from mythological creatures. Seems kind of similar, no?

Deadline says that Warner Bros. met with a number of top-notch directors for the project, which has been in development since the spec script was acquired in April after a four studio bidding war. Dwayne Johnson is already attached to star in the movie, which the site describes as "tonally similar to Men in Black." The adaptation was written by Cory Goodman (who previously wrote the vampire action thriller Priest) and Jeremy Lott. There is no word on when the studio is aiming to start production on the project.

This is actually the second title that Sonnenfeld has landed since Men in Black III arrived in theaters this past May. In June it was reported that the filmmaker has been hired to direct another comic book adaptation, namely the 60s series The Metal Men. As for Johnson, the actor has a big year coming up, with Snitch, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Pain and Gain, Fast Six and Empire State all due out in 2013.

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