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Bad men took Liam Neeson’s daughter. He, in turn, took most of their lives. Now, in Taken 2, something else will be … taken? OK, we’re still waiting to find out. Maybe this new clip from the upcoming sequel will straighten things out.

Another one of Neeson’s “special set of skills” also appears to be spotting a tail, eluding shoppers in a crowded market, and escaping from a car that’s surrounded by armed goons. Seriously, this guy is unstoppable.

The original Taken was such a success ($226M globally against an announced budget of $25M) that a sequel was unavoidable. The plot follows Neeson’s retired CIA agent, Bryan Mills, as he fights to protect his wife (Famke Janssen) and daughter (Maggie Grace) from the vengeful terrorists who made his life a living hell in the first place.

Yet while all of the primary cast members have returned (the ones who survived, at least), director Pierre Morel has been replaced by Olivier Megaton, whose credits include Colombiana and Transporter 3. Will he be able to plug into the franchise and seamlessly carry the action sequences? So long as he has Neeson in his corner, isn’t that enough? We’ll find out on Oct. 5 when Taken 2 blasts its way into theaters. And we’ll be able to tell after opening weekend if audience demand for the further adventures of Bryan Mills means Fox has a Taken trilogy on its hands.

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