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It is now time for Chris Hemsworth to start cashing in, and, frankly, he deserves it. The Australian actor has already become a sensation in Hollywood, his career taking off after showing his leading man skills in 2011's Thor, and this year alone he's starred in two blockbusters (The Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman) and one of the year's most underseen/underappreciated treats (The Cabin in the Woods). More impressively, he's still not done, with Red Dawn set to come out in a couple months, and both Rush and Thor: The Dark World coming out next year. But he has certainly become a big plus for any movie production and now he's getting paid for that status.

Deadline has learned from sources that Hemsworth has been offered $10 million to star in the upcoming thriller American Assassin (I'm not going to bother pointing out the irony in the fact that he's an Aussie). An adaptation of the novel by Vince Flynn, the new project has Jeffrey Nachmanoff attached to helm (he replaced Edward Zwick back in February) and Bruce Willis is still in talks to star (and has been since early September).

The book is actually the 11th in a series about a terrorist hunter named Mitch Rapp, but it's a prequel, which makes it the perfect place to start a movie franchise. The story follows Rapp as he transforms from being a "a college scholar and athlete into a ruthless hunter of terrorists for the CIA." Should he sign on, Willis would play the role of Rapp's mentor. Mike Finch wrote the most recent adaptation, rewriting previous drafts by Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz.

Also on Hemsworth's slate are The Avengers 2, which won't be out until 2015, a rumored Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, and Steven Spielberg's Robopocalypse.

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