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Super Bowl Sunday is filled with stories of players and coaches told across multiple networks. While today might be all about the Ravens and 49ers, it’s also a good day for Undefeated, the 2011 Oscar Winning football documentary that hits Blu-ray this month. If you’re up for a few more motivational speeches and shots of players hard at work, we have an exclusive Blu-ray clip just for you.

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment and the Weinstein Company have teamed up to bring Undefeated into homes. The film follows the Manassas Tigers, a football team associated with an underprivileged school system that must overcome obstacles on the football field, but also in the classroom. The clip features Coach Bill Courtney, a no-nonsense guy challenging his players to buy into his system. In return, he says he can deliver the boys a playoff win.

The clip focuses on shots from several days in the life of the Manassas Tigers, where the boys on the team are practicing hard. As we see the coach whipping the team into shape, we also get a chance to hear from Courtney and how he feels about the football program and the young men that make up his team. He’s a pretty hopeful, if tough, guy and the clip’s actually pretty inspiring—which should be no real surprise since Undefeated has been hailed as an inspirational movie overall.

If the clip seems like something you may be into, Undefeated will hit Blu-ray and DVD on February 19.

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