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Universal Pictures kicked off their Cinema Con presentation with a remarkable mea culpa, admitting that Battleship was a failure and even that they never should have criticized people who predicted it would be a flop. But they also quickly moved on to the bright side, announcing sequels for two of their biggest hits of the past year, and one of them a complete out-of-the-blue surprise that has earned a sequel they probably never thought it would get.

According to the Universal brass (via Eric, who is on hand at Cinema Con this entire week), both Snow White and the Huntsman and Pitch Perfect are being set up for sequels, with both of them aiming for 2015 releases. We've heard talk of the Snow White sequel for a while now, with most of the chatter suggesting an expanded role for Chris Hemsworth in the second go-round. A Pitch Perfect sequel, on the other hand, has seemed more like a pipe dream for fans of the comedy, which made an amazing $113 million worldwide last fall. We don't know much yet about what the sequel will entail, other than that writer Kay Cannon will be back to pen the sequel-- excellent news, since her sharp wit was a huge part of what made the first movie such a success.

Eric is still on the ground at the annual Vegas convention for theater owners, and he'll be back with a full rundown of the Universal presentation and everything else on the scene. For what he's seen so far, check out his description of new Star Trek Into Darkness footage and a special presentation on World War Z, with none other than Brad Pitt as host.

And to celebrate Pitch Perfect's sequel, let's revisit the cast's reunion at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards.

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