World War Z Footage At CinemaCon Features A Mid-Flight Zombie Attack

Paramount Pictures had it’s big presentation this evening at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Nevada, but it wasn’t just new Star Trek Into Darkness footage that the studio had on display – they also brought some intense zombie action to the proceedings as well, showing off a brand new scene from director Marc Forster’s World War Z.

After showing off a great deal of footage that I actually got to see a few weeks ago, the presentation delivered a never-before-seen clip from the upcoming zombie epic to the crowds in The Colosseum in Caesar’s Palace – which some of you may remember from the climax of the second theatrical trailer that was released last month.

The scene opens on an airplane calmly drifting through the sky, most of the passengers either asleep or sitting comfortably in first class – including Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane. We then see a Chihuahua hop off its owners seat and head to the back of the plane where it starts barking at a door. A flight attendant walks up and gives the dog a quizzical look before pressing a button and opening the door – which, of course, unleashes the zombie that waits inside. Panic quickly unfolds in coach, which leads Gerry and many of the other first class passengers to wake up. Peeking through the curtain and seeing the growing violence, the hero silently calls for all of the other first class passengers to take their luggage and create a blockade that will keep the zombies out. This plan works for a while, as the zombies don’t seem to notice what’s going on, but then one of the first class passengers accidentally drops a bag on the other side of the blockade. The zombies take notice immediately and begin to charge, bringing the same state of panic to the front of the plane. A soldier that Gerry is with begins to open fire at the zombies and Gerry grabs a grenade off of her belt. After a moment of pause, deciding if using the weapon is really the best option, the soldier nods in agreement and lets the explosive device fly. A gaping hole opens in the side of the plane and all of the zombies get sucked out, leaving Gerry, the solider, and a few others holding on for dear life as the plane plummets from the sky.

World War Z will be in theaters on June 21st and be sure to stay tuned here on Cinema Blend for the rest of our CinemaCon coverage throughout the week!

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Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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