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Back in late November Paramount Pictures held a special event in New York City where they invited members of the press to watch footage from Kenneth Branagh's upcoming action film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and listen to star Chris Pine talk about taking on the iconic Tom Clancy character. In her report from the screening, our own Kristy Puchko gave a great, detailed description of a rough-and-tumble fight scene that was shown where the eponymous hero has to do battle with 6'6" Game of Thrones actor Nonso Anozie. Now you can watch that sequence- as well as a bonus one - for yourself thanks to a new extended clip that has been posted online by Yahoo!

Beyond the fact that this is a fight scene without highly choreographed martial arts moves - instead just a realistic brawl between two dudes in a bathroom - the big take away from this clip is that Jack is still very new to the whole "field agent" thing. The new film is a reboot of the franchise in many ways and finds the protagonist graduate from being an analyst in the CIA to actually physically taking down bad guys in the real world. As you might be able to tell from the accent of the woman at the check in desk, Jack's mission has taken him to Russia, where he tries to uncover a terrorist plot organized by a powerful businessman named Viktor Cherevin (Branagh) who has plans to crash the United States economy. Helping him figure out the right moves to make and helping him take down the bad guys is his CIA handler and mentor William Harper (Kevin Costner), who you see him meet with in the extended clip's second scene.

We now have a good idea of where Jack Ryan is at the start of the film, but to help you get your brain around the plot you can watch the trailer below:

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was originally going to be one of the many, many films that came out on Christmas Day last year, but it was in late October last year that we learned the film was moving to January 17th. While the movie is the only action film to come out on that weekend, it will be contending with the low budget horror Devil's Due, the animated family film The Nut Job, and the cop comedy Ride Along. What will you be seeing?

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