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It remains to be seen whether Tom Hardy is a legit leading man quite yet. He’s stayed busy in a number of films, and has four big roles coming this year. He’s about to be seen in the thriller Locke, which promises all Hardy all the time in every scene. He’s also a part of the murder mystery Child 44, and will be seen saving puppies in The Drop. And finally, though we may experience the end of the world before we actually see it, Hardy is the lead in the forever-filming Mad Max: Fury Road. He’s certainly in demand with casting agents. But what if you could have two of him?

According to Screen Daily, Hardy is considering a starring role in Legend, about the infamous Kray brothers. Ronald and Reginald Kray were legendary criminals in 1950’s and 1960’s London who also happened to be identical twin brothers. Seems dicey for both brothers to be criminals, especially when one can just stay home and be a perfectly good alibi, but we’re not criminal masterminds. At least not anymore. Hardy’s role in the film would be unique, in that he would be playing both brothers.

From writer-director Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential, 42), the film would primarily focus on Reginald, or "Reggie," the older brother by a full ten minutes. Ronald was apparently the loose cannon of the duo and it was a struggle for Reggie to keep him in line. The duo controlled a gang called The Firm, who specialized in armed robberies, arson, protection rackets, assaults and murder. Ultimately they were caught at the tail end of the sixties, and "Ronnie" passed away in 1995, with Reggie dead by 2000. They were pretty glamorous blokes, and their exploits should give Hardy plenty of time to show off his swagger onscreen – a read through their wiki page details all the prison breaks and brushes with celebrity, flaunting their success in front of law enforcement while rubbing elbows with the likes of Frank Sinatra.

Reportedly, this is one of several projects the busy Hardy is entertaining. Later this year, he’ll be Rocketman for Elton John, and he’ll team with Johnny Depp for Black Mass. The project, which is set up at Working Title, ironically is operating under Legend as a working title. You may recall the story was told in the early nineties as The Krays, a historical crime film where Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet played the twins. Catch the trailer below.

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