The NBA playoffs have begun, and there's a very good chance your favorite team is one of the sixteen qualifying squads, But you've missed the bulk of the regular season, because you never go to your friend's house anymore to take advantage of his NBA TV package. And now the summer movie season is creeping up and you have no idea what's coming out. Damn that Nana for canceling your subscription to Entertainment Weekly. How are you going to plan your movie schedule? How will you know which teams have weaknesses, and how will you know which movies will be interesting, funny, or flat-out terrible?

Well, it's a good thing you asked, because we put the whole thing in one convenient place for you. We've handpicked sixteen big summer releases and matched them up with an NBA title contender. Some connect tenuously, superficially. Others have unusual similarities, borderline creepy. But at least it's all at your fingertips. Here, at last, is your one and ONLY NBA Playoffs/Summer Movie Combo Preview!

Transformers: Age Of Extinction
Michael Bay's toy-centric sequel focuses on a father-son duo who accidentally stumble upon the age-old battle between Autobots and Decepticons. You are...

The Miami Heat
When Mark Wahlberg called Transformers the "most iconic franchise," he sounded very much like a Heat fan praising the team's "legacy" when they've only been around since the eighties. The three Transformers films were dominant at the box office in the same manner as the Heat, who have now won two straight championships and are trying for a third. But, like the Heat's difficult championship run last year, which involved a handful of tough Game 7's, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon was a weaker performer stateside than its predecessor. None of those films were very well reviewed, so the reasoning is that even with Wahlberg on board, this Transformers is unlikely to repeat previous performances, just as the Heat might find themselves unable to pull off a threepeat.

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