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Earlier this week, Robert Downey Jr teased a a surprise! Naturally, I, like everyone else on the Internet, immediately jumped to the conclusion that we were about to see a trailer for The Avengers 2! Why? Because that’s what we all want, and deep down, we’re all optimists! This reckless optimism was heightened even more when Mark Ruffalo took to his Tumblr to say something was coming!

Mark Ruffalo surprise + Robert Downey Jr surprise = Avengers 2 trailer. Obviously. Never a doubt in my mind.

Well, that trailer for Avengers 2 just dropped, and while it’s undeniably awesome, it contains a lot of footage of Robert Downey Jr in his other new movie, The Judge. In fact, now that I think about it, the entire Avengers 2 trailer seems to only be one long extended look at Robert Downey Jr in The Judge. There's not a single frame of Avengers: Age Of Ultron footage to be found. There's no Thor. There's no Captain America. There's not even Black Widow or Maria Hill. It's just all courtroom intrigue and careful dialogue from The Judge. Check it out…

See what I mean? It almost feels like this Avengers 2 trailer isn’t even for Avengers 2 at all. Instead, it feels like this might be a pretty badass piece of marketing for The Judge, and we were all just straight up wrong about Avengers: Age Of Ultron footage coming today. Is that possible? Could it be that we were all hopped up on Marvel excitement and got hoisted by our own petards? I think yes. I would even go so far as to say I'm sure of it.

The Judge stars Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall. The former plays a successful attorney. The later plays a judge who finds himself in the middle of an increasingly strange murder trial. The film first dropped at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year, and judging by crowd reaction, it actually went over pretty well. It’ll hit theaters on October 10, and while it won’t be seen by as many people as Avengers 2, it should get a fairly sizeable number of people to show up. After all, careful legal dramas aren’t exactly superhero flicks, but the world is still very much into Tony Stark.

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