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Nostalgia is an incredible thing. It takes us back to a different time in our lives and allows us to look back fondly on the people we used to be – even if the people we used to be weren’t the best. Danny Boyle and the original cast of Trainspotting began production on the long-awaited sequel today, and they’ve tapped into the very essence of nostalgia in a new video that has just hit the web. Check it out below to see for yourself.

It’s a video that should induce nostalgia in just about anybody who considers him or herself a fan of Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting. A supercut of beloved scenes from the iconic film, the video chronicles the ridiculous nature of the original black comedy while a narration from Ewan McGregor’s Mark Renton thematically carries the whole thing forward. His speech talks about the necessity of choice in one’s life, and the constant need to choose things that bring about positivity – which he then shirks with the simple punctuation of "Yeah, right." From a tonal standpoint, the video seems to perfectly capture the spirit of Trainspotting, which took a light-hearted and almost slapstick approach to incredibly dark and morbid topics like heroin addiction, and HIV.

At the very end of the video, the trailer informs the audience that Trainspotting 2 will begin production today (May 16, 2016) that that the film itself is slated to hit theaters on January 27 of next year. We don’t have long to wait for the next installment in this story, but it’s definitely going to be a long wait for anyone who has waited the past twenty years to see more of these characters.

One interesting aspect of the upcoming sequel that the trailer specifically opts to emphasize is the fact that the original members of the cast – Ewan McGregor, Ewan Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, and Robert Carlyle – will all return to this universe. In keeping with the overarching theme of nostalgia, it seems that Danny Boyle wants all of us to firmly understand that this upcoming film will represent a true sequel in every sense of the world. These characters have been living their lives for the last two decades, and we’re about to find out what they’ve been up to.

If you’re a fan of the original Trainspotting, then this seems like something to get excited about. Danny Boyle and the rest of the team seems to have made an earnest effort to capture the spirit of the original movie, but we will know for sure once we have seen footage from the long-awaited sequel. Trainspotting 2 has officially begun production, and the movie itself will hit theaters on January 27, 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

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