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Why Andrew Garfield Has No Problem With There Being So Many Spider-Man Movies

Andrew Garfield has thoughts on the plethora of Spider-Man films we've received over the years.

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Why Venom’s Tom Hardy Has Fans Thinking The Spider-Man Crossover Is Happening Soon

Fans are hoping to see Venom and Spider-Man on the big screen, but could it actually be happening soon?

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Andrew Garfield Has A ‘Magical’ Spider-Man Memory That Helped Him Prepare To Play Televangelist Jim Bakker

Apparently, Andrew Garfield's experience as The Amazing Spider-Man helped him portray The Eyes of Tammy Faye's infamous preacher.

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Amazing Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield Explains What He Wanted To Bring To Peter Parker, But What About No Way Home?

Andrew Garfield was the second actor to play Spider-Man on the big screen, and he really cared about sending the right message.

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8 Marvel Heroes We Want To See Team-Up With Shang-Chi After The Legend Of Ten Rings

Simu Liu's Marvel character has arrived, and we're already thinking about his bright future ahead.

Tobey Maguire And Andrew Garfield's Approaches To Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilers Are Hilariously Different, Tweet Shows

Apparently, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have massively different approaches to spoilers.

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Venom Is Coming To The Next Spider-Man Video Game, And He’ll Be Voiced By A Horror Icon

The next major Spider-Man game is bringing some classic villains and the perfect voice for one of them.

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Ahead Of Spider-Man: No Way Home's Release, Marvel's Web-Slinger Has Crossed A Huge Milestone

Another momentous event has unfolded in Spider-Man’s history.

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One Reason Andrew Garfield Is ‘Genuinely Happy’ Tom Holland Landed The Spider-Man Role

Andrew Garfield proves there's no ill will toward Tom Holland within the Spider-Man brotherhood.

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Shang-Chi Vs. Spider-Man: Marvel Fight Coordinator Predicts Who Would Win In A Battle

If these two ever fight on scene, the winner would be every Marvel fan!

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Andrew Garfield Can’t Stop Denying He’s In Spider-Man: No Way Home

Either Andrew Garfield is lying, again, or he really isn't playing Spider-Man again.

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Marvel Tried Clearing Up A Massive Spider-Man Mystery But It's Still Very Confusing
Why Marvel Star Ethan Hawke Is Happier On Moon Knight Over A Batman Or Spider-Man Project

Ethan Hawke discusses the advantage of starring in a superhero project like Moon Knight.

5 Reasons Why Andrew Garfield Is Still My Favorite Version of Spider-Man

I know everybody loves Tobey and Tom, but Andrew Garfield is my Spider-Man.

10 Great Ed Asner Movies And TV Shows And How To Watch Them

To pay our respects to Ed Asner, here are a few of the late actor's great film and television appearances.

Tom Holland's Nickname For Zendaya Trends After He Sends Sweet Birthday Message

The co-stars are allegedly dating, which is a familiar scenario when it comes to Spider-Man movies.

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Ranking All The Spider-Man: No Way Home Returning Character Rumors By Who We Want To See The Most

We can't have it all can we? ... Unless? [stares into multiverse void].

Spider-Man’s Main Movie Villains, Ranked

Spider-Man: No Way Home is bringing back some classic Spider-Man villains, but are they the ones who most deserve a reprisal?

Tom Holland’s Sweet Birthday Message To Zendaya Has A Spider-Man Twist

Rumors about Zendaya and Tom Holland are swirling, and his post for her birthday likely won't help.

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Avengers: Endgame’s Russo Brothers React To Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Trailer Breaking Viewing Record

The Russo Brothers couldn't help but chime in after the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer broke a record that belonged to Endgame.

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