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All 6 Attack On Titan Intro Themes, Ranked

Attack on Titan has some of the greatest anime intro themes of all time. Here are all 6 of them, ranked.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 1 Ending: 5 Questions It Left Us About The Fate Of Humanity

After the Attack On Titan Season 4 Finale, we have questions!

Every Main Titan In Attack On Titan, Ranked on How Terrifying They Are

Attack on Titan has some truly terrifying titans. But which is the scariest of them all?

How To Watch Attack On Titan Season 4 Streaming

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the final season of the hit anime.

The Best Attack On Titan Episodes So Far, Ranked

Attack on Titan is coming to its final season. Here are the best episodes of the show so far, ranked.

Attack On Titan And 6 Other Great Anime TV Shows Available Right Now On Netflix

There's a lot of great anime on Netflix. Here are just some of the most popular shows to watch on the streaming service.

Could Anime Adaptations Succeed Where Video Game Movies Have Failed?

Hollywood doesn't have the best history adapting anime, but with several big-name adaptations in development, anime movies could succeed in a way video game movies have yet to.

Hulu New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Streaming In April 2019

Hulu's got you covered for April, as the company's incoming lineup is packed with TV and movie titles to keep you busy the whole month through!

Attack On Titan Review: Does The Series Justice

Going into the latest Attack on Titan game, I only wanted the latest offering from Koei Tecmo to deliver on a few basic things. I needed big, open maps; giant monstrosities terrorizing the masses; and the ability to dispatch said brutes with razor-sharp swords and Omni-Directional Mobility Gear that lets me zip around the environments like a mix between a medieval Spider-Man and a particularly violent ballerina. But even if the game could deliver on all of those fronts, I knew it would be a tall order to make all of that swinging and slaying seem fun and fresh for more than a handful of hours.

Attack On Titan Reveals Information On Multiplayer Mode, Here's What We Know

The upcoming Attack On Titan game for PC, Xbox One, PS3, PS Vita and PS4 will have a robust four-player cooperative multiplayer mode. Gamers will be able to team up with friends to take on Titans across various maps.

How The Slaying Mechanics Work In Attack On Titan

Swinging mechanics that would make Spider-Man jealous? Check. Massive, grotesque monsters with a convenient weak spot at the back of their necks? Check. A main character who yells a lot? Check. Yep, the upcoming Attack on Titan game certainly lives up to the source material, giving gamers a chance to take down one monstrosity after another in rapid succession.

How To Take Down Titans In Upcoming Attack On Titan, See The Video

A couple of new gameplay videos for Attack on Titan have surfaced from out of promotional vault of Koei Tecmo. The first video covers some of the basics of mobility, while the second video goes more in-depth on how to take down the titans with those skills.

Attack On Titan Game Announces Release Date In Action-Packed Trailer

Fans have been waiting months for Koei Tecmo to announce when the sandbox-style Attack on Titan game for home consoles and PC would be launching. Well, they released a new trailer that rolls out tons of action-oriented gameplay while revealing that the title is due to drop on August 30.

Attack on Titan: What We Know So Far

If you're a fan of the hit anime series Attack on Titan, rejoice! The new Playstation exclusive game based on the anime is being released this year, and if the news coming out after the Japanese release is any indication, you're in for a lot of fun.

Attack On Titan PS4 Gameplay Video Is Full Of High-Flying Action

A new Attack on Titan game is heading to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and, thanks to a recent demonstration from Sony at Tokyo Game Show, we now have eight minutes’ worth of action to ogle in anticipation of the game’s launch.

Attack On Titan PS4's Key Features Have Been Revealed

Some new details have arrived for Koei Tecmo's upcoming PlayStation exclusive, Attack on Titan. The game will be a skilled-based action title where the tactical decisions of a player will determine how the action unfolds.

This Attack On Titan Picture Showing A Girl Hugging A Rocket Launcher Is Creepy

When it comes to the world of Anime, Attack On Titan has been somewhat of a rising star in the past year or so. This probably explains why one of the cast photos features a girl whose love interest is of a higher caliber than any mere mortal. Short version: this girl looks a little too friendly with her weapon.

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Attack On Pokemon Is The Inevitable Attack On Titan, Pokemon Crossover

How do you make Pokemon scary rather than adorable? The answer, discovered by artist Elizabeth Emery, is to make them look like the Titans from Attack on Titan. Shiver.

Attack On Titanfall Video Mixes Titanfall, Attack On Titan

Polaris has decided to mash up multiplayer shooter Titanfall and the anime series Attack on Titan into an impressive video. The game and anime fit together surprisingly well.

Attack On Titan 3DS Game Gets First Trailer

One of the hottest anime going right now, Attack on Titan, is already getting its first video game adaptation, Attack on Titan: Last Wings of Mankind. It's coming out for the 3DS and now there's even a brief trailer to help get everyone (in Japan, at least) excited for the game's eventual release.

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