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Get Shorty’s Lead Role Was Written For Danny DeVito, And Only One Major Change Was Made For John Travolta
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Sounds Like Tom Hanks Had A Tough Time Filming Big With Penny Marshall
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The Crucial Forrest Gump Change Barry Sonnenfeld Suggested To Tom Hanks Before Filming
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Mark Wahlberg Nearly Cast In Men In Black And More With Director Barry Sonnenfeld

So many great stories in this Bonus episode of ReelBlend.

Men In Black Director Barry Sonnenfeld Reveals What He Learned Working For The Porn Industry
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Why The Filming Of Tom Hanks' Big Led One Crew Member To Consider Wearing Adult Diapers

Apparently, things were a wee bit rough behind the scenes of the Tom Hanks classic, Big.

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The Main Problem With Making Men In Black 4, According To The Original Director

Whether it happens through a more traditional sequel or through that weird crossover 21 Jump Street, the Men in Black director has doubts about the original secret agent duo can return to the big screen.

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Kevin Spacey Will Play A Cat In His New Movie Nine Lives

Have you ever imagined Kevin Spacey as a cat? Well if your mind has ever wandered off into this unique scenario, then today is your lucky day. That’s because the Oscar-winning actor has signed up to portray a man who finds himself trapped in the body of a feline for Barry Sonnenfeld’s high-concept comedy, Nine Lives.

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Men In Black III Director Barry Sonnenfeld In Talks For Lore With Dwayne Johnson

Given that Barry Sonnenfeld has made three movies about a secret organization that protects the world from otherworldly attacks, you'd think he be kind of sick of the premise by now, but judging by the new project that he is negotiating for that doesn't seem to be the case.

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Men In Black 3 Director Moves On To 60s Comic Series Metal Men

The source material sounds unendingly goofy, but don't count out Sonnenfeld, who didn't just make magic with the original Men in Black, but also managed to adapt The Addams Family into a really rewarding movie in the early 90s. Of course, he also adapted another 60s property-- the TV show Wild Wild West

Watch Men In Black III Director Barry Sonnenfeld Talk About How He Was Influenced By Back To The Future

Time travel is a popular device in science-fiction, but it’s also a very tricky one to portray correctly. With so much science and so many rules at play, including Chaos Theory and parallel universes, it’s a hard concept to get your mind around. So when director Barry Sonnenfeld was making Men in Black III there was only one real place for him to look: Back To The Future.

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New Men In Black III Photos Show Off Effects Legend Rick Baker's Skills

Rick Baker is an undeniable genius in the field of practical effects. Over the course of his 40-year career he has worked in practically every genre and has created some of the best designs we have ever seen (and has the seven Academy Awards to prove it).

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Just How Crazy Was The Men In Black III Production? Let The Director Tell You

The movie is reportedly finished and set for its May 25 release this year, and maybe now that they're out from the cloud of the actual production, director Barry Sonnenfeld and makeup designer Rick Baker are willing to speak out about how crazy the whole experience was

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Men In Black 3 Gets Two New Posters, Launches Viral Site

It's kind of hard to get really excited for Men in Black III. In addition to the fact that Men in Black II was a pretty lousy movie, the production on the third installment was rife with problems. What I mean by that was that the entire production was brought to a grinding halt and put on hiatus when they discovered that the script didn't work and they had to bring in new writers to right the ship.

From The Director Bringing You Men In Black III: Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens

As if the entire movie industry has suddenly become a playroom full of five-year-olds bashing their favorite action figures against each other, we're being buried under a pile of movies that assume "Awesome Thing A + Awesome Thing B = Awesomest Thing"-- except that the math almost never works that way

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Men In Black III Still Without Workable Script, On Hiatus Until April

That’s a month and a half later than was originally scheduled, but the change is now needed in order to accommodate screenwriter David Koepp who’s been brought in to fix some fundamental problems in the script. You may remember producers made the bizarre decision

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Men In Black III Faces Shooting Delays And Script Rewrites

Though production is just starting, there's already a shutdown looming-- though depending on who you ask, it's either a scheduled business tactic or a sign that things are not going smoothly behind the scenes

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Men In Black III Will Shoot This Winter In NY

Men in Black 3, or as it'll most likely be titled M3n in Black 3D, has been a project a few people have been on the fence about, but that most would like to just see go away

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Will Smith Introduces MIB III... In 3D!

It's kind of impressive how fast Men In Black III has come along. While there's no doubt that there have been meetings about it since 2002, when Men In Black II came out

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Men In Black III Confirmed For 2012 Release, In 3D

Will Smith is the only confirmed cast member right now, but the studio is in "advanced negotiations" for Tommy Lee Jones to return, and Josh Brolin is in talks to star as a younger version of Jones's character

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