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Why Michael Keaton Reprising Batman For The Flash Movie Is A Bad Idea

There's a better solution to bringing him back.

Netflix Lowkey Added An Amazing Batman Movie, Despite HBO Max
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Our Favorite Movies Of 2020 So Far And Michael Keaton Returning To Batman

2020 has already brought us some incredible films to consider.

What Does Michael Keaton’s Flash Role Mean For Spider-Man’s Vulture?
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Batman Beyond Fan Poster Features Michael Keaton As Bruce Wayne
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Could The Flash Movie Actually Set Up Batman Beyond?
Wait, Will Michael Keaton's Batman Be In The Flash Movie?
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The Batman Star Hypes Up Robert Pattinson’s ‘Amazing’ Dark Knight
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Justice League's Snyder Cut Will Re-Address A Key Tragedy In Batman's Life
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5 Super Weird Godzilla Vs. Movies That Almost Got Made

Godzilla would certainly have his work cut out for him with some of these fights.

HBO Max Clarifies Its Plans For DC Comics Movies
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The Batman Rumored To Be Setting Up A Key Villain

Could this member of Batman's rogues' gallery enter the new franchise?

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Why The Batman’s Paul Dano Feels ‘Really Good’ About The Superhero Movie
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What To Watch On HBO Max If You Love Superheroes
Could DC Allow For Two Versions Of Batman In Its Film World?

Could this be our reality in the near future?

Ben Affleck Responds To The Snyder Cut Announcement, Thanks Fans For Their Support
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The Scrapped Batman Vs. Superman Movie Starring Colin Farrell And Jude Law Sounds Incredibly Dark
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Batman Forever: 5 Things About The Movie That Are Actually Good

Look past the Batsuit with the nipples and the movie isn't that bad.

Batman And Robin Writer Apologizes About The Quality Of The Movie
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The Batman’s Robert Pattinson Explains Why He’s Not Worried About Being Compared To Previous Versions
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