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The 10 Best Castlevania Episodes, Ranked

The Castlevania series on Netflix has ended. Here are the 10 best episodes, ranked.

Castlevania: 5 Major Events That Have Happened On The Netflix Series Before The Final Season

Season 4 of Castlevania on Netflix is going to be its last. So, here are 5 major events just to get you up to speed.

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Castlevania: 6 Other Video Games Netflix Should Make Into TV Shows

Castlevania is one of the best shows on Netflix. But what other video games should make the leap to TV? Hmm...

10 Excellent Shows Coming To Netflix In March 2020

Here are all the most promising shows coming to Netflix in March.

8 TV Shows Worth Streaming On Netflix As You Wait For The Witcher Season 2

Here are some shows my fellow Witcher viewers might enjoy.

Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In October 2018

Prepare for even more Netflix madness, with October's slate listed inside!

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adds Castlevania's Simon Belmont And A Lot More

One of Nintendo's most beloved series, Castlevania, is finally getting some representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Simon and Richter Belmont were revealed during this morning's Direct, along with a metric ton of fresh details.

Castlevania's Physical Release Is Coming

The first season of Netflix's Castlevania is about to be unleashed upon the world, no longer tethered to its streaming home. Thanks to a partnership with Viz Media, we can now confirm that a physical edition is on the way.

How Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi Felt About The Netflix Animated Series

The producer behind some of the best Castlevania titles of all time talked to CinemaBlend and shared his thoughts on Netflix's animated series.

The Awesome Game Of Thrones Reference In Netflix's Castlevania

A Game Of Thrones reference has been spotted in Netflix's Castlevania series, and it's pretty awesome.

Castlevania Gets Whipped In New Honest Game Trailer

Konami's long-running Castlevania series finally got the Honest Game Trailer treatment, and the Smosh Games crew didn't hold back an iota of criticism for the game that helped spawn the Metroidvania sub-genre in gaming.

Netflix's Castlevania TV Show Cast Announced, Features Battlestar Galactica And Preacher Stars

Netflix's upcoming Castlevania series released its all-star cast of voice actors, and we're pumped.

How Castlevania Has Been Influencing Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night

While Producer Koji Igarashi is keeping plenty of secrets under his hat concerning his upcoming indie project, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, he has no qualms with admitting that it is deeply inspired by a series near and dear to his heart, Castlevania. After speaking with Igarashi and going hands-on with the game at E3 2017, it's clear that the legendary series' DNA is pumping through the veins of Bloodstained.

Netflix's Castlevania Trailer Brings The Blood To Nintendo Icon

Netflix is bringing a Castlevania series to audiences in the near future, and the first trailer looks like a bloody great time.

A Castlevania TV Show Is Happening At Netflix, Here's When It'll Debut

Video game adaptations aren't that popular on TV, but that could change soon now that the hit vampire-killing franchise Castlevania is getting its own series.

5 Things We Want To See From A Castlevania Animated Series

So it looks like Frederator, the studio behind Adventure Time, might finally be working on that long-awaited and highly anticipated animated adaptation of the 30-year-old video game series, Castlevania. With more than two dozen games and spinoffs to the series' name, that's got us pondering what we absolutely want to see make it into the new show.

What The Adventure Time Studio Is Doing Next

Though Adventure Time's days are now numbered, animation company Frederator Studios has its next project lined up, and we cannot wait.

Castlevania Developer Unveils A New Multiplayer Game, Check It Out

Mercury Steam, the team behind the recent Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games have finally announced their next project. It's called Raiders of the Broken Planet, and it's an online competitive romp.

Silent Hill, Contra and Castlevania To Get Limited Line Of Merchandise

Horror fans rejoice, because Konami will be partnering with the merchandise creator, Mondo, to bring a limited supply of more official merchandise for Silent Hill, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night and Contra.

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