Castlevania: 5 Major Events That Have Happened On The Netflix Series Before The Final Season

Trevor, left, Alucard, middle, Sypha, right

Stop what you’re doing! The absolutely brilliant Castlevania animated series on Netflix is coming to an end. That’s right. Castlevania Season 4 will be its last. The beautifully profane and violent show based off of the popular Konami video game series is putting the nail in the coffin on May 13th.

Now, whether this is the actual end of Castlevania on Netflix is still unclear. There are reports that this might just be the end of the Trevor Belmont storyline in the Castlevania III universe, which this show is based off of. So, maybe we’ll get some new Castlevania show in the future that might cover the Simon Belmont era (Nerd alert! Nerd alert! The events of Castlevania III take place before the events of the first Castlevania game). Needless to say, I’m super pumped for this final season. But I thought I would remind you of 5 bombshells from the past three seasons before we get these last 10 episodes. Oh, and of course, spoilers up ahead.

Dracula grabbing Alucard

Alucard Killed His Father, Dracula

What is a man? That’s one of the questions posed on this show as Alucard wrestled with his lineage of being both the son of Dracula as well as the son of a mortal named Lisa. Given that Dracula went on his warpath because his wife was burned at the stake by priests, it was interesting to see Alurcard make peace with mankind, while Dracula simply could not. And given that Dracula has been characterized in so many different ways over the years, it was fascinating to see this genocidal version go toe-to-toe with his half-vampire son.

There was actually always the possibility that Alucard would change his mind about humanity and band with his father. But by the end of Season 2, Alucard sided with Trevor and Sypha and stormed Dracula’s moving castle. In the penultimate episode, Alucard delivered the coup de grace to his father. I imagine this is important since Dracula never really stays dead in the games (plus, we later saw him holding his wife in Hell, but I’ll get to that later), so we might see Dracula again in Season 4.

Trevor on the left, Sypha on the right

Trevor And Sypha Are Lovers And Hunters Now

Now look. When I watch Castlevania (or any anime for that matter), I don’t watch it for the will-they-won’t-they-get-together relationships, okay? Castlevania isn’t Friends, okay? It isn’t Bones. Instead, it’s a balls to the walls, kick your ass cartoon with monsters and magic and mayhem. That said—and I’m going to be completely honest with you—I was so hoping that the monster hunter, Trevor, would fall in love with Sypha the Speaker Magician.

And I got my wish at the end of Season 2. Now, the two fight together, and make love, and I really couldn’t stand to see them apart now. I’m thinking their relationship will play a major role in the final season, as there are bound to be some casualties along the way. I’m just hoping that their relationship isn’t one of them.

Saint Germain in the Infinite Corridor

A Portal To Hell Has Been Opened Up

Season 3 just went straight off the wall with its storyline, and I loved every single second of it! Trevor and Sypha found themselves in the town of Lindenfeld, which is run by a Judge who has a bit of a problem with the monks in town. You see, the monks, led by their leader, Sala, are secretly trying to open up a portal to Hell (which is given the impossibly cool title of the “Infinite Corridor”) in the hopes of reviving Dracula.

And well… the monks succeed. The portal is opened, and we see Dracula holding his beloved Lisa inside. But while Dracula doesn’t leave Hell, monsters do, and Trevor and Sypha work together to send them back. The portal is eventually closed, but I’d be shocked if we have seen the last of it.

Carmilla on the left, Hector on the right

Hector Is Now A Slave To Vampires

One of the most fascinating side-stories in the Castlevania Netlix series is that of Hector and Isaac. Both of them are servants of Dracula who create monsters for him. The thing is, they’re both human, and they’re both trying to help Dracula in his quest to end all of humanity. But seeing the tides turning against Dracula, Hector defected and helped out Carmilla, who was formerly on Dracula’s war council. Carmilla quickly enslaved Hector because she wanted him to create night creatures for her, and now, Hector is trapped in a cell and being seduced and enslaved by Lenore, who is a member of the Council of Sisters (A group of female vampires that Carmilla belongs to).

Meanwhile, Isaac is pissed that Hector just played Dracula like that. He’s now seeking revenge against Hector, who would likely welcome death now that he’s pretty much just vampire meat to be toyed with and humiliated. Did I mention that I love this show?

Sumi on the left, Alucard on the right

Alucard Befriends Two Vampire Hunters... To Tragic Results

And in possibly the saddest storyline in the entire series, in his loneliness, Alucard befriends two Japanese vampire hunters named Sumi (voiced by The Wolverine’s Rila Fukushima) and Taka.

What’s sad about all this is that Alucard really took them in and tried to teach them everything he knew, only for them to have group sex with him for the sole purpose of chaining him down and trying to destroy him. He easily dispatched both of them, but you could tell that it really hurt him to do so since he knew that he would likely live out the rest of his endless existence all alone. Here’s hoping that he finds some kind of solace in Season 4.

Honestly, I could not be more excited for Season 4 of Castlevania. But what about you? Are you pumped, too? Sound off in the poll below. And if you’re looking for even more coverage of Netflix TV shows or even the 2021 Summer TV schedule, make sure you stop by often.

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