8 TV Shows Worth Streaming On Netflix As You Wait For The Witcher Season 2

Castlevania, Penny Dreadful, The Tudors

Henry Cavill's The Witcher just premiered eight episodes on Netflix on December 20, 2019. But some fans are already finished streaming Season 1 of the fantasy drama and they're now waiting for Season 2, which should start filming fairly soon. So what now? Well, every Monday I recommend stuff to stream and today I'm trying to think of things my fellow Witcher viewers might enjoy in the wait for Geralt and Yennefer to return in Season 2.

I'm focusing on shows that are specifically available on Netflix, as opposed to the nine million other streaming services. Otherwise I'd say "Just watch The Expanse on Amazon," which is my favorite answer to everything, at least until The Lord of the Rings series shows up. So here are eight streaming options, but please share your own suggestions below.


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The Witcher is based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, but a lot of fans (including Henry Cavill) came to it from the video games. Netflix's Castlevania is also based on a video game series set in a world of monster hunters. Too on the nose for Witcher fans? Give the animated series a shot anyway, if you haven't already. Season 1 only has four episodes, but there are eight in Season 2, and 10 are coming for Season 3. Stream Castlevania here on Netflix.

The Tudors

The Tudors

Not every fan of The Witcher came to it through Henry Cavill, but if you're a fan of his, you should watch his role as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, across 38 episodes of The Tudors. I was hooked on the Showtime series, set in the 16th Century court of King Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). If you haven't seen the show, or it's been a while, consider streaming all four seasons here on Netflix.

The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom

Here's another fictionalized look at British history, based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell. The Last Kingdom is set in the 9th Century, with England divided into multiple separate kingdoms. The story starts as the Anglo-Saxons are attacked by Viking forces and Saxon-born/Viking-bred Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) finds his loyalties tested. This is one fans of History's Vikings might enjoy and also possibly The Witcher fans. There are plenty of episodes to catch up on from the first three seasons, plus a fourth one coming soon on Netflix. Stream it here.

The Magicians

The Magicians

Who doesn't love getting immersed deep into a world of magic and mythology? The Magicians is based on the novel by Lev Grossman, following Quentin Coldwater as he discovers the magical world from his favorite books is real -- and dangerous. He enrolls in Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy, and the show follows his fellow students of magic. The Magicians has earned a passionate fan base across four seasons -- so far -- on Syfy. The most recent season finale got a lot of people talking (not in a great way) and if you binge fast on Netflix you can join in when Season 5 premieres January 15 on Syfy.

The Shannara Chronicles

The Shannara Chronicles

This series had a rough life for its two seasons -- starting on MTV and then moving to Spike before being cancelled. The fantasy drama is based on The Sword of Shannara trilogy by Terry Brooks. Season 1's 10 episodes got not-so-great reviews from critics (like The Witcher Season 1) but good reactions from fans. Season 2 had more universal acclaim, which is why it frustrated many fans to see the show cancelled. If only the show had started on Netflix or Amazon, maybe it'd be in a different position, but you can at least watch the first two seasons here on Netflix.

Penny Dreadful

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Penny Dreadful

This inventive horror drama aired three seasons on Showtime and it still lives on -- there's a spinoff series in the works called Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. So this is a good time to get caught up on the original series, which aired from 2014-2016. The creative premise includes characters from 19th century fiction like Dorian Gray, Abraham Van Helsing, Frankenstein, etc. It's a bloody good show with a bloody great cast, including my queen Eva Green, plus Timothy Dalton, Reeve Carney, Rory Kinnear, Josh Hartnett, Billie Piper, and more. Stream it here on Netflix.

V Wars

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V Wars (and The Vampire Diaries Universe)

Vampire Diaries alum Ian Somerhalder has the lead human role in the new Netflix series V Wars, following a vampire outbreak. But it's more of a grounded vampire show than anything supernatural like on The Vampire Diaries. Speaking of TVD, you know what would really fill the time until The Witcher Season 2 premieres? A Vampire Diaries Universe marathon -- start with the eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries; then the five seasons of the first spinoff, The Originals; then stream the first season of the two shows' joint spinoff, Legacies. Legacies Season 2 is now airing on The CW, Thursdays nights after it returns in early 2020. Stream V Wars here and Vampire Diaries here.

Travelers Season 2

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OK, this one isn't really connected to the fantasy, supernatural, or horror genre. But it's sci-fi and it's awesome and I just need more people to watch all three seasons and then join me in ranting about the lack of a Season 4. Please? I promise you'll get sucked in quickly and fall in love with the characters and time travel apocalypse story, led by the great Eric McCormack. Watch all three seasons now on Netflix.

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What TV shows would you suggest for The Witcher fans to stream on Netflix in the wait for Season 2?

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